Tasks and Aims of CMT

The association’s goal is to strengthen research, development and innovation in the maritime industry by promoting cooperation between the various players in the industry and the academic world.

Therefore, CMT contributes to

  • strengthening the competitiveness of the German and European maritime industry by cooperative research, development and innovation
  • developing visions, strategies and concepts for new products and processes in the maritime sector
  • focusing resources and exploiting synergies within the maritime cluster
  • fostering the application of research results and reducing the time to bring results to the market
  • shaping and enhancing European cooperation

CMT represents the central hub for a network of maritime expertise:

• As a central point of contact for innovative tasks and ideas in the maritime sector.

• As an information broker and contact point for passing on research-relevant data and expertise and for follow-up utilization of research findings.

• As a coordination point for maritime R&D-activities in Germany and Europe, in particular by building up and coordinating effective R&D networks.

• In initiating innovation, research and development by providing information and advice as well as administrative and specialist back-up.

• Through research into commissions facilitated by its own capacities in selected specialist areas.

• In doing strategic development work for companies, business sectors and the entire maritime industry.

• In promoting European integration by cooperating with European bodies and contributing to shaping European research activities.

• By creating interfaces between members as well as other players in the maritime industry.


CMT Corporate Brochure download as pdf


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