PERISCOPE Workshop: ”Drone applications maritime industry”


A workshop on the use of drones in the maritime sector is organised by the consortium of the Interreg project PERISCOPE. The workshop will focus on the Horizon 2020 Call ICT-09-2020: "Robotics in Application Areas, Sub topic B) Robotics for infrastructure inspection and maintenance". The intention of the workshop is to investigate a possible joint industry project of partners who can support with the development of the technology, consultation or facilitation regarding regulatory requirements and launching customers.

The use of drones in enclosed spaces has a high potential. Costs are saved, working hours are reduced and the safety of workers who operate in enclosed spaces is increased. A real game changer will be autonomous drones, which perform on predefined paths not requiring a trained pilot as operator. The market for this service is big, as all ships going into dry dock need tank inspections. The workshop will identify existing innovative drone solution focusing on future use cases and discuss technical developments that require support.

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