ThroughLife – Development and proof of new approaches for through-life asset management based on next generation of materials and production technology

Funded under the: 7th Framework Pogramme of the European Union

Period: 01.04.2011 - 31.03.2014

Budget / Funding: 3.574.975 2.532.364 €




ThroughLife press release (PDF)


Short name Company Country
MW Meyer Werft GmbH (Coordinator) Germany
APC APC Composit AB Sweden
AALTO Aalto University Finland
TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO Netherlands
BMT BMT Group Ltd. United Kingdom
SICOMP Swerea Sicomp AB Sweden
IFAM Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Germany
SSA Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association United Kingdom
DAPP D´Appolonia S.p.A. Italy
BAL BALance Technology Consulting GmbH Germany
CMT Center of Maritime Technologies e.V. Germany
CESA Community of European Shipyards Associations asbl Belgium
ULJ Uljanik Shipyard d.d. Croatia
Safinah Safinah Ltd. United Kingdom
BIBA BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH Germany
MD Metalships & Docks S,A.U. Spain
BALE Balearia Eurolineas Maritimas, S.A. Spain

Aims and objectives


The main objective of the project ThroughLife is to develop and prove new approaches for through-life asset management for selected technologies and application scenarios. This will be done by considering all life cycle phases of the technologies concerned in view of their cost efficiency, environmental performance and safety. Special emphasis will be given to the identification, elaboration and demonstration of innovative joint services of the main actors in the life cycle, i.e. primarily new building yards, repair yards and ship operators.

In more detail, the following issues will be addressed by ThroughLife:

  • Concepts and ideas for innovative joint life cycle services involving new building and repair yards as well as ship owners and operators.
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly techniques and materials for ship production (new building), operation (maintenance, repair, conversion) and end-of life (dismantling and reuse);
  • Condition monitoring and assessment combining information from all life cycle phases and stake holders using state-of-the-art information and communication
  • Strategies and tools for predictive, condition and risk based maintenance and repair, including decision support for repair, reuse, recycling or scrapping of materials, components or modules;
  • Innovative design strategies and assessment tools for improved efficiency and environmental performance over the life cycle of ships;
  • New business models for used products (ships, parts of ships, components), especially to extend the life span of these products instead of scrapping them;

As not all aspects of ThroughLife asset management for any kind of maritime products can be covered within the funding instrument (CP FP small and medium scale) and the corresponding budget frame specified in the Call text, the project will develop solutions for the following application scenarios:

  • ferries operating in the Mediterranean,
  • river cruisers on the Danube river and
  • mid range cargo vessels.


Tasks connected to CMT:

•       Quality control for all WPs

•       Coordinating member’s participation in the definition of business cases

•       Support in structural design, analysis and benchmarking for innovative
         steel designs

•       Provide and adapt simulation tools for through-life assessment

•       Coordinating demonstration and testing activities

•       Leading and coordinating of dissemination and exploitation of the project

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