shipMesh - Automated Generation of Volume Grids for Ship Hydrodynamic Analysis [IGF-No. 17257 BR]

Responsible research institutes: Rostock University (Prof. Bronsart)

Time period: 01.09.2011 to 28.02.2014

Final report: CMT 25/2014

Motivation / Background

CFD-Methods for the analyses of the hydrodynamic performance are nowadays a crucial tool in the design process of ships.

These hydrodynamic computations are highly dependent on the kind of discretisation, which needs to fulfill a lot of quality criteria. Meeting these quality criteria is time consuming, but essential to generating quality mesh.

There are a lot of different Finite Volume Grid generator tools. Some of these tools offer an “automatic” meshing functionality, but the quality of the generated mesh is strongly dependent on the imported CAD geometry. CAD geometries are error prone because of several reasons in the creation of the ship hull form and exchange of data between different software systems. Therefore, CAD geometries require further manual treatment in order to meet the quality criteria, which is of course time consuming.


Summary of planned objectives and actions

  • To stabilize the automatic repair and healing of ship hull form geometry definitions based on the IGES-standard
  • To develop quality criteria for the generation of the geometry of the computational domain for ship flow calculations
  • To implement methods for the automatic generation of the computational domain with special attention to the particular geometry of ships and the requirements of the CFD-solver
  • To develop a system-independent tool and its exemplary integration into a process chain
  • Contribution to the use of OpenFOAM in a naval architecture environment

The objectives will be achieved in three main work packages:

  • Development of methods for the reprocessing of the ship hull data: Repair error, remodel the surface, identify specific region in the model
  • Develop methods for the automatic meshing
  • Test and validation with specific test cases    


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