Manual plasma- and TIG-rounding of free-standing edges for coating preparations [IGF-No. 17258]

Responsible research centre: Application center large structures in production engineering (Prof. Wanner) ("FhG Anwendungszentrum für Großstrukturen in der Produktionstechnik")

Time period: 01.09.2011 to 28.02.2014

Final report: CMT 26/2014

Motivation / Background


The objective is to develop defaults and process parameters for the usage of thermal treatment for manual edge processing, that is also suitable for coating, for marine cutting and installing.

A tool and a process will be developed, that treats cut edges of all regular structural and ship building steels in a thermal process, suitable for coating and can also be used in all production stages in an IMO-conform and economical way.


Summary of planned objectives and actions

  • Analysis of the industrial application tasks for the manufacture of coating suitable edges, processed steel grades or alloying concepts, possible contours, radii and vertical ranges of manufacture
  • Experimental accomplishment of the manual plasma- and TIG-welding including process-technical investigations of the influence of parameters and the impacts of different types of gas
  • Determination of the influence of different parameters on the possibility of processing and splash-, crack- and porosity tendency, through variations of different material types and thicknesses or suitability of forced position processing
  • Metallographic investigations for the evaluation and control of microstructural changes, tendency of porosity and hardness increases
  • Mechanical-technological investigations to provide compliance with the requirements using hardness measurement, bending- and crack tests, as well as examination of possible hydrogen- and nitrogen input
  • Involvement of systematic investigations in prescription- and standard guidelines of steel construction standards, classification societies and yards in agreement with sets of regulation
  • Construction of a demonstrator for burner tools concerning the burner control and buffer distances and examination of the developed applications for patent suitability
  • Validation and implementation of the results, which were achieved under laboratory conditions, for industrial and manual processing on typical applications and approval by classification societies through permissions of using
  • Assessment of the results with inclusion of a cost analysis of the TIG- and plasma procedure and a cost comparison with currently traditional procedures regarding working-scientific considerations


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