ELASTA - Application of laser scanners for the manufacturing of steel hulls [IGF-No. 17279 BR]

Responsible research centres: FhG AGP Rostock (Prof. Wanner)

Time period: 01.09.2012 to 31.08.2014

Final report: CMT 32/2015

Motivation / Initial Situation

During the 1990s, extensive research in high-precision manufacturing point out enormous savings within a short time period by applying a production with low adaption. The introduction of corresponding principles hasnot been established yet consistently on ship yards. Main reasons are:

-          High effort in acquisition and processing the data

-          Current trend in shipbuilding away from serial towards individual production which increases complexity in attendant geometry testing

Effective tools for quality assurance are missing.


Summary of planned objectives and actions

Aim of the project is to develop a tool for quality assurance in steel-structure production with a digital area-measured method which allows on one hand to grasp much faster than before the necessary dimensions and geometries and on the other hand to increase repeatability and process reliability in quality control.

To build up a quality assurance system, the following problems must be solved with innovative appendages:

-          Automated referencing in coordinate system of the component

For the extraction of individual points out of the point clouds an automated solution has to be developed. The procedure is going to analyze the surrounding of the measured point and determine the actual point in the point cloud based on specific parameters and criteria through intersection of planes and curved surfaces. These parameters and criteria have to be worked out in the project, as they are required for an automated alignment of the reference points.

-          Development of a method for fast and largely automated evaluation

Pre-configured software toolkits have to be developed for defined applications. The software should support the user in his analysis withevaluation steps by default and throughallowing objects and their semantic links. The innovative contribution lies in the merger of user knowledge into mathematical algorithms.


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