Caremar - Coordinated Academic Research and Education to Support Innovation in European Marine Industries (for CESA)

Funded under: the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union

Time period: 01.09.2005 - 31.08.2008

Budget: 748.000



Short name company country
WEGEMT Foundation WEGEMT (Coordinator) United Kingdom
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
UoS University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
HSB Hochschule Bremen Germany
PGGDA Gdansk University of Technology Poland
NTUA National Technical University of Athens Greece
PLU University of Plymouth United Kingdom
DTU Technical University of Denmark Denmark
AALTO Aalto University Finland
SOTON University of Southampton United Kingdom
UNEW University of Newcaslte upon Tyne United Kingdom
IST Instituto Superior Technico Portugal
IHPCIS Institute for High Performance Computing and Information Systems Russia

Project overview and objectives:


CAREMAR focuses on the identification and development of mechanisms to link the expertise within European universities with the research, education and technological requirements from companies working in the area of marine technology and related sciences.

CAREMAR addresses the delivery of innovative scientific research and Research Based Education (RBE) in the context of a changing global market where European growth and competitiveness depends upon industry's ability to be flexible and efficient and to develop innovative marine products. CAREMAR seeks to make an effective contribution to sustainable marine surface transport and marine tasks for the benefit of European society. The EU is investing heavily in research, training, and European maritime clustering to respond to the fierce competition by Far-East industries. CAREMAR will be a platform for the coordination of European university expertise and the delivery of this expertise in a way that responds to European maritime industry needs in both the short term and the medium to long term.

No attempt has been made thus far to mobilise the greater part of this university expertise in one coordinated programme. This has been demanded by European industry to seek solutions for sustainable transport and competitive businesses through mobilising the skills and resources of the entire European marine technology academic community in areas prioritised by the European maritime industries themselves.


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