Curved Panel II

Precise manufacturing of biaxially curved surface and volume assembly groups made of steel

Responsible research centre: Rostock University (Prof. Wanner)

Time period: 01.01.2002 - 31.12.2003

Final report: CMT 6/2004

Project summary: 

The objects of this research project are the 2-axis bent plate and volume structures, located at the transition of the parallel mid-ships-sections and the strongly bent volume sections and bow and stern. These structures are denoted as curved panels and have a mass ratio of 20 % of the whole ship. 

Due to the request for faster and more economical ships with a high cargo capacity the ship hull shape will be changed and the ratio of bent-hull panels will increase above 20 %.

The inaccurate production of the curved block sections leads to high adjustments and reworking expenditure in the assembly process.

The aim of the project is the development of new methods for high accuracy manufacturing which make it possible to optimize the adjustment- andreworking expenditure. Therefore the following partial aims have to be realized:

·         elaboration of quantitative conditions for the high accuracy manufacturing of bent substructures,

·         evaluation of geometric data of the substructure significant for the production,

·         systematization and quantification of measure- and shape changing deviations.

A reference system of measurement points was developed to compare the measure and shape deviations of measurements in the deviation process and the CAD data for the curved panel structures. Based on this comparison the extent of these deviations were statistically estimated and led to a couple of different results.

The most important reasons for these deviations are the inaccuracy of the jig pillar, the imprecise methods of structure component positioning and the inaccuracies of single parts.

In this project a system of measurements for curved panels was developed, which can be applied on the shipyards for the introduction of quality management in this part of manufacturing process.



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