The Association

CMT is the successor organization of the Forschungszentrum des Deutschen Schiffbaus e.V. (FDS) (German Shipbuilding Research Center) which was founded in Hamburg in 1965. The main tasks of the FDS included the promotion and coordination of projects involving collective industrial research in the German shipbuilding industry. The establishment of CMT in 2003 marks an extension of its activities into both other maritime areas and European projects.

The associationís goal is to strengthen research, development and innovation in the maritime industry by promoting cooperation between the various players in the industry and the academic world.

The members of CMT come from shipyards, the marine supply industry, shipping, providers of maritime services, the academic world, universities and government agencies.


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Fachtagung 'Foulprotect' - Bewuchsschutz und Vermeidung von Biokorrosion in der maritimen Technik

25 September 2018, Bremen, Germany


ESI VA Marine Special Interest Group 2018

26 - 27 September 2018, La Spezia, Italy


Save the date: Workshop Emission Free Maintenance of Wind Farms (side event Wind Energy Hamburg)

27 September 2018, Hamburg, Germany


HOLISHIP - Year 2 Public Workshop

27 September 2018, Trieste, Italy